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Not sure if you can fit that awesome new flatscreen in your back seat to get it home...?
Don't know how many moving boxes can be hauled in your truck bed at a time...?
This site offers the ability to enter vehicle information and testimonials of how well items do or do not fit in vehicles for the purpose of being able to determine whether or not your vehicle can transport a given item you need to move.

All site users can search the database records. But please, if you have useful information to share, sign up and add to our site!

Users can help develop:

  • Add New Vehicles - our vehicle database is entirely user-created, so the more users who post information, the more useful the site becomes
  • Vehicle Statistics - edit dimensions of vehicles, identify vehicle features, and link similar vehicles for more relevant search results
  • Post Testimonials - share your experiences with fitting various items in various vehicles, so our users have more information to help them with their own transporting

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